Linzi Stoppard - Biography

"Linzi Stoppard is a dazzling electric violinist...OK! agrees that her stunning looks and energetic performances are, when mixed together, an intoxicating form.Linzi Stoppard has it all." OK Magazine

"I guess I'd kind of like it if she played air on a G string." Hugh Hefner

"Violinist Linzi adds another string to the Stoppard bow.." Mail on Sunday

"Linzi is a wild and uninhibited performer" Daily Telegraph

Linzi Stoppard is an electric violinist; who pushes the boundaries of musical convention with her passionate, live sets of rock, chill, dance and contemporary melodies. Ever challenging and always inventive, Linzi has transfixed audiences the world over with passionate and mesmerising performances. Each live set that Linzi plays sees musical influences from The Stones to Cafe del Mar bursting to life through electric strings and a bow that she wields like a magic wand.

She started out, having studied at the world renowned Suzuki school in her younger years, Linzi became a member of the London Junior Orchestra, and toured Europe extensively. Linzi won a music scholarship to a renowned music school and continued her classical training on the violin, also taking up the piano and clarinet.

Linzi decided to branch out from her musical training, and signed her first modelling contract at the age of eighteen with one of London's top model agencies, as well as still teaching, and playing session violin. Linzi is currently signed to the Special Division of Europe's leading model agency - Premier Models. Having played classical music for years Linzi decided to take an alternative route.

When Linzi was nineteen she was spotted by two music producers whilst playing session violin, they wanted Linzi to front the rock group Tattoo of Pain, lead vocals / electric violin. Linzi went on to sign a deal with EMI records Belgium[1], and Avex Trax Japan, she then spent the next year recording a thunderous electro/rock album, to rave reviews.

After the album Vengeance Is Mine was recorded, the band toured, but decided not to record a second album. Linzi decided to take a break from the violin, and move towards a more commercial musical direction - she formed a duo called Babe Instinct, which she vocalled on. Babe Instinct also signed a deal with EMI Europe, Sony France, and Positiva records UK.

Babe Instinct recorded their first single Disco Babes from Outta Space,[2] this was a top twenty hit in the UK, and a smash hit across Europe and the States. Babe instinct toured extensively with this record which was a huge success. The group then recorded another single Fade to Grey, which was also a great success, especially in the dance charts.

After the success of the band Linzi wanted to get back to her roots and decided to experiment with new sounds and effects on the electric violin. Linzi wanted to push the boundaries of musical convention with a new concept of solo entertainment, live sets of rock, chill, dance and contemporary melodies.

Linzi has transfixed audiences the world over with passionate and mesmerising performances. Each live, 15 minute set that Linzi plays sees musical influences from The Rolling Stones to Cafe Del Mar bursting to life through electric strings and a bow that she wields like a magic wand.

Married to Will Stoppard, son of Tom Stoppard and Dr. Miriam Stoppard, Linzi brings another dimension to an already hugely successful and creative family.

Following the success of her licensing deals with EMI, Sony and Avex Trax Linzi can currently be seen performing her sassy music set at exclusive events around the world.


After graduating from the RCM Ben Lee played violin sessions with a wide range of artists as well as putting together his own bands to experiment and develop his eclectic sound.

Unbeknown to Ben, running in parallel was an emerging electric violinist, Linzi Stoppard, with an unequalled ambition to broaden the instrument’s appeal and make it accessible to a more mainstream audience.

Linzi was looking for a collaborator to help bring her vision and sound to life. Her manager (and husband) Will put the word out to a few of his old music clients and was quickly directed to one of Ben’s bands who had played a session for a producer Will used to manage. The violinists met and the bond was instant - not only did Linzi and Ben share a limitless imagination, their musicianship and look complimented each other as well. Ben’s portable studio was another crucial element Will needed to realise their potential - they could record their ideas and sessions anywhere and at any time. In the autumn of 2007 FUSE, the electric violin duo was formed and they got to work immediately.

When Linzi and Ben started on their new and modern sound, the key was not to be afraid to take inspiration from their classical roots while combining it with modern well known melodies. They weren’t satisfied with being just another cross-over strings act; they wanted and believed it was possible to narrow the gap between the classical and pop audiences, young and old.

In late 2007 their unique approach and position was noticed by children’s charity CLIC Sargent who was looking for a contemporary act, but one with ties to classical music, to support and front their “Practice-A-Thon” campaign in 2008. FUSE ticked all the right boxes. The campaign aims to inspire kids to pick up an instrument and practice. 25% of the money raised goes back to the participants' schools and 75% to CLIC Sargent. To promote the “Practice-A-thon” campaign FUSE are launching “Share A Stage” – young people aged from 13-24 can submit a video on Youtube of themselves or their band performing and a judging panel will decide on a winner. The lucky victor will play live with FUSE at Glastonbury 2008.

FUSE are currently in the studio recording their debut album.

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