Linzi Stoppard - Testimonials

Dita Von Teese "I think what you are doing is really original and unique..."

Neil Reading - Celebrity PR Guru "Linzi Stoppard is an incredible artist - unlike anyone I have seen in a very long time. Her versatility and stage presence make her performances enthralling. Destined for huge stardom, she's already a name on the lips of many of Fleet Street's most influential journalists, 2007 will definitely be her year."

Stephen Gaghan - Academy Award Winner "I don't usually give compliments but I've never seen anything like this"

Countess of Wessex "Thank you for making this night so memorable..."

Ashley Simpson "Linzi is an extremely talented performer..."

Rene Dominik, Brand Manager for Pantone Pro-V, P & G "Bridging the classical heritage of the violin and today's cultural zeitgeist, Linzi's performance takes her art onto a whole new level - spectacular and electrifying!"

Hugh Hefner "I guess I’d kind of like it if she played air on a G string."

Caprice "...this is one sexy performance, I'd recommend Linzi to anybody..."

Liz Brewer - party organiser to the Stars "I was so delighted Linzi was able to perform at the Christmas party I gave at the May Fair Hotel with Ivana Trump as she made the party complete and injected that added dramatic magic ingredient which ignited the party."

Chester King, Managing Director, Stoke Park “Linzi’s performance at the Blush Ball in the Natural History Museum was superb. Not only because it was very powerful and moving, but when she played William Orbit’s “Adagio for Strings” it was the best version I have ever heard”.

Miriam Stoppard "Linzi adds candle power to the Stoppards"

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